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As a manufacturer of specialized foam products, we primarily serve two markets: Flooring Installation Products and Automotive & Industrial Products.

Flooring installation products

The global flooring industry continues to grow exponentially each year. Both established brands and new entrants are searching for the next technolgical breakthrough to push their product line past their competitors. The strength of the flooring industry largely depends on the growth of the building market. Every new multi-family housing complex, commercial project or public venue provides the top players in the flooring industry with an opportunity to put their products to work.

When it comes to flooring, today’s consumers demand affordability, ease of installation and wide selections. These demands are largely responsible for the rise in sales of Luxury Vinyl Flooring. A great option for almost any room in the house, Luxury Vinyl Flooring has become the most popular hard surface flooring option. However, the proven benefits of Laminate and Hardwood have allowed these categories of hard surface flooring to remain the top choice among many consumers.

One sector of the flooring industry that should not be overlooked is the flooring supplies category. Some of the industry’s most impressive innovations can be found in flooring supplies. Products such as flooring underlayment, installation supplies and flooring care solutions have a significant impact on the performance and lifespan of a flooring system.

Flooring Underlayments

Flooring underlayment is a critical component for both residential and commercial flooring applications. A premium flooring underlayment can improve the acoustic performance of a flooring system and help protect the floor covering from moisture. Diversified Industries manufactures premium underlayments for a variety of hard surface floor coverings, including Luxury Vinyl Plank, Rigid Core, Laminate and Hardwood.

Most of our underlayments use a cross-linked, closed cell polypropylene foam, which provides a durable moisture barrier to protect the floor covering.

Some of the other materials that we use in our underlayments include polyethylene foam, extruded polystyrene foam, recycled rubber, recycled fibers and kraft paper-asphalt composites.


FloorMuffler is Diversified Industries' brand of high performance flooring underlayments.

Each underlayment in the FloorMuffler family of products has its own unique characteristics, allowing you to select the best underlayment for your particular application. FloorMuffler has become a prominent figure in the flooring industry, as our premium products have earned the highest acoustic ratings on the market.
You can find a FloorMuffler underlayment for most hard surface flooring installations, including those with Luxury Vinyl Plank, Rigid Core, Laminate and Hardwood. FloorMuffler underlayments provide exceptional performance in both residential and commercial applications. When it comes to premium flooring systems, it’s what’s underneath that counts.

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  • Over 1 billion sq. ft. installed around the world

  • Industry leading acoustic ratings

  • Superior moisture protection

  • Thermal properties

  • Protects the floor covering from minor imperfections in the subfloor

Magnus by FloorMuffler

Magnus is a line of magnetic flooring supplies for sustainable flooring installations.

Using IOBAC’s patented Dual Grip technology, the Magnus product line combines dry tack adhesion with magnetism for an outstanding grip! The Magnus product line consists of three products: an underlayment, tabs that are affixed to the underlayment, and tabs that are used to affix areas rugs to hard surfaces.

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  • Adhesive Free Installation

  • Circular Flooring: makes your flooring reusable

  • Easily replace planks

  • Acoustical performance

  • Moisture protection

Automotive & Industrial

Diversified Industries manufactures foam parts for the automotive and industrial markets. Our parts can be found in many of the automotive industry’s most popular brands. Some of the parts that we manufacture for the automotive industry include taillight gaskets, interior trim components and BSR solutions.

The parts that we fabricate can be found in a variety of industrial applications. One of the largest groups of industrial components we manufacture is our collection of gaskets for HVAC systems. Gaskets serve several purposes in HVAC systems, including sealing opening panels, reducing vibration and allowing thermal expansion and contraction. An HVAC system is a critical component of any comfortable living space, and therefore it is imperative that the system is supported by reliable, high quality gaskets.

For over 40 years, Diversified Industries has been servicing multiple industries and fabricating precision components under an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system. The expertise of our team and our manufacturing capabilities allow us to participate in many industries, including: automotive, HVAC equipment and ducts, appliances, electronics, general industrial, printing, custom packaging and many others. 

Interactive Applications

There are several other unique applications for the parts we manufacture. Diversified Industries manufactures parts for home appliances, product packaging and more.

Custom Packaging

AntiStat PE foam


Precision Die Cut Gasket

Closed Cell Foam with PSA


HVAC Takeoff Gasket

XLink Foam with adhesive on both sides