Diversified Industries

We are a leading manufacturer of custom products

Diversified Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom parts for the automotive, industrial, and building markets.

With an extensive collection of machinery and a team equipped with technical expertise, our material converting capabilities are nearly limitless.

Our Headquarters

Diversified Industries is headquartered in Swedesboro, New Jersey, just 25 miles from Philadelphia.

Our Founders

Bruce Castor and Matthew Harris founded Diversified Industries in 1982. Through their ambition and dedication, the company has enjoyed more than 40 years of success.

Our Team

We have a highly skilled team full of diverse individuals who share a passion for developing creative manufacturing solutions.

More than Forty years of custom-building the future

Founded in 1982, Diversified Industries has evolved from a small-scale converter of flexible foam into a global provider of custom components for many of the world's most prominent brands. Diversified Industries' growth is attributed to our passion for innovation and our long-standing relationships with our customers and vendors. We continue to make efforts to grow, and we have equipped ourselves with the resources needed to be successful for many years to come.

  • 1982

    Diversified Industries was founded in Newark, NJ, servicing the appliance industry
  • 1995

    Manufacturing facility expansion, launch into new markets, first Automotive programs awarded
  • 2000

    Manufacturing facility expansion: 90,000 SF in 4 buildings
  • 2001

    Addition of CNC cutting capabilities, new programs awarded with global OEMs in different markets
  • 2003

    Development of floorMuffler brand flooring underlayment product
  • 2005

    Patent granted for floorMuffler underlayment
  • 2007

    Underlayment manufacturing capacity increase by investing in custom equipment
  • 2010

    Consolidation of manufacturing operations into one location (120,000 SF)
  • 2014

    Commercialization of floorMuffler products through home improvement stores
  • 2022

    New programs awarded for electric vehicles (EV)
  • 2023

    Underlayment manufacturing capacity increase by investing in automation and additional custom equipment
We Manufacture Innovation We Manufacture Innovation


Pioneering the future of specialized manufacturing

We believe that creativity and innovation are essential drivers of global commerce. We want to empower businesses and provide them with the resources they need to keep their customers satisfied. We believe that consistent product quality and exceptional customer service are the keys to building positive long-term relationships with clients.


We work in an exciting environment where creativity and innovation flourish. Each member of our team is encouraged to think outside the box and develop inventive solutions for our customers. We make it a priority to provide our team members with the opportunities to bring their unique ideas to life.


Honesty and respect serve as the foundation for the long-term partnerships that we have with our customers. We never cut corners, skimp on quality, or take the easy way out. We assure that every project is fulfilled with great attention to detail and the highest regard for the customer.


The technical expertise of our team is largely responsible for the success of Diversified Industries. Our team is immensely knowledgeable of the materials and machinery we use. We take pride in our work and guarantee that the product you receive will meet your standards for quality.


We want to see our customers succeed, and always consider your needs and concerns when developing custom solutions. The guidance and support that our team provides inspires confidence that you will receive your ideal product.